HOW IT WORKS is a platform enabling private Mountain Accommodation Owners to upload their property details, photos, prices and live availability for sale to the open market via our extensive network of Partners & Agents linked through a revolutionary IT & API solution.  The property will be distributed to our entire network and will feature on their websites where it will be instantly bookable online in order to secure a unrivalled number of Holiday Lets on our Owners’ behalf.  


As a Property Owner, you can...

Upload as many properties as you like and enjoy them for your own use on as many occasions as you wish. You manage the Logistics & Changeovers of the Bookings and update Availability yourself and can nominate a recommended Property Management Company/Concierge to work on your behalf or choose your own 'Man on the Ground' to oversee everything. 

Make the most of our Easy-to-Use intuitive platform to upload the details, prices and live online availability. Through channelling your property to a unique ski audience, including a large network of Partners & Agents, you can maximise your earning potential and receive unrivalled Support & Advice from our Team of Experts who are all Specialists in Mountain & Ski Holidays.  

Choose the package that is right for you, options for which include "Higher Risk/More Sales" or "Lower Risk/Fewer Sales" approach. The more flexibility offered to the millions of potential customers worldwide, combined with the highest levels of Product and Health & Safety measures, means a larger marketing reach through increased Partner representation and ultimately higher earning potential. 

Automated booking process

When a booking is made, you the owner will be notified by email as well as your nominated Management Company/Concierge on the ground. The availability of the property will be adjusted on the platform and fed out to our Partners & Agents straight away. MMP will manage the booking process, collect holiday payments and issue Arrivals Information based on the information you provide.  

The Property Owners' Holiday Let Fee will be released for payment 24 hours after the Guests arrive at the property. In cases of cancellation, various timescales and fees apply to the different Sales Options available. Remember, the more flexible the Terms, the more bookings you will receive!

How much will it cost?


There is no charge to register your property on the platform. Your property will be marketed through our Partner Websites, Social Media, Mailshots & Targeted Advertising, all of which is included absolutely free of charge.


We earn our keep by charging 15% Commission on each Holiday Let we secure on your behalf. For example, if a holiday is sold for £5,000 - the 15% commission would be £750, and the payment received by the owner would be £4,250. It goes without saying that the more generous the Prices, Payment and Cancellation Terms you offer, the more Holiday Lets we will achieve. 

Full Terms of Business can be found here